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FutureMinds Learning is home to a dynamic team of highly-trained tutors and teachers specializing in teaching skills in a step-by-step, systematic, sequential manner using the proven Orton Gillingham Method in conjunction with our own unique method, the FutureMinds Multi-sensory Program.

FutureMinds Learning offers a diverse range of programs and customized tutoring in all subjects for students of all ages, from pre-school through to grade 12.

FutureMinds knows that each child learns differently, therefore we support individual learning styles by using our multi-sensory method in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Students of FutureMInds leave feeling empowered and excited about learning.

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Tutoring Programs

Providing Children With The Tools To Be Successful

Our programs are available from Pre-K up through High School. Each program focuses on a specific need or subject area based on your child’s skill level — from math, to reading, to writing techniques — so your child can boost his or her confidence where needed.

Our team of therapeutic tutors will help your child feel nurtured which will be reflected by a gain of self esteem.

Tutoring programs based on Orton Gillingham method

Subject support from Pre-K to Grade 12

Individually designed learning plans and specific skill support

Tutoring Programs We Offer

Subject Support

FutureMinds provides subject support for all levels of math, writing skills, reading comprehension, homework support, as well as any recommendations provided on your child’s report card by their teacher.


Language Arts

Test Prep

Homework Support


Thinking, learning, and achieving your math goals, one problem at a time. Math concepts are re-taught or reinforced, and specific learning difficulties are addressed. Students gain confidence and take charge of their learning with this specialized one-to-one support.

Math & Science

Homework Support



Mastering the art of language is a complex task; that is why one-on-one tutoring can make a significant difference in your child’s writing and reading abilities. At FutureMinds, we specialize in enrichment, spelling, grammar, phonics, writing, and comprehension.


Reading Comprehension

Subjects & Grade Levels




Foreign Languages

Social Studies




Test Prep

College Prep

Grade Levels

1st - 6th Grade

7th - 8th Grade

High School

Online Tutoring Focused

Learn From The Comfort of Home

Over the last year, students and parents have had to adjust to a new way of ”online” learning, which for many was new territory. Online learning allows for easy access to education, a customized learning experience, and more flexibility.

As we all adapt to the new realities of living with Covid-19, it became undeniable that the only way to continue to support our students would be to move online and begin to navigate the world of virtual education. Although virtual tutoring will never perfectly mimic the one-to-one experience, we are happy to say that the parent, student, and tutor feedback has been incredibly positive.

Our tutoring programs are tailored for each child and their individual learning style.




Professional Tutoring

Meet Our Tutors

Our therapeutic tutors at FutureMinds have a passion for helping children succeed. They are experts at identifying the individual needs of each student, so that they can reach their full potential.

Sarah Knowlden

Megan Greenlees

Michelle Thorne

Jenny Larson

Sandra Wong

Teresa Jones

Tennessee Briand

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To inquire about our tutoring services or to reserve a tutoring time for your child, feel free to contact us by filling out this form, and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.